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Bullying in America

Generally, bullying is carried out by males which accounts for 80%. Although, there are not many studies about bullying in workplaces, their occurrence is apparent and the effects are damaging as well. Because of its prevalence, the government had discourage bullying in any form however there are no laws to deal against people who cause psychological and emotional violence in workplaces and in schools. Bullying should be stopped because it has many psychological, emotional, and social consequences on the person being bullied. Body Bullying occurs as a result of attitude and behavior problems. The personalities of people who bully have innate domineering and aggressive behavior which is believed to be connected with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). People afflicted with this disorder demonstrate impulsive behavior. They announce answers to the teacher’s question before it is completed, may interrupt, intrude and have difficulty in waiting for their turn. ...
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Bullying in America Bullying in America Bullying in America Introduction Over the past several years, bullying had become a concern not only in schools but also in workplaces. Bullying generally involves exposing a person or persons to negative actions which could be carried out physically and verbally…
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