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Brilliance in the Basics of Leadership

For instance, leadership demands that the leaders, before practicing their decisions, discuss them with parties which are going to be affected by their decisions, so as to make them feel respected. The substantive aspect of leadership includes knowledge, tough standards and guts to pursue directions regardless of opposition. Brown, Travino and Harrison (2005) assert that “leadership predicts outcomes such as perceived effectiveness of leaders, followers’ job satisfaction and dedication, and their willingness to report problems to management”. Hence, if the leadership is thriving, capable and bright, then the outcome is more prolific than anticipated. What does it mean to me? This explanation of the concept of leadership itself explains why the brilliance in the basics of leadership is important to me or any other person who wants to see his/her organization flourishing. I believe that the accomplishment of an organization depends mainly on value-based actions and decisions. A good leader takes care of his employees so as to preserve a vigorous environment within the organization. Some basics in this aspect are that the leader verifies that the salaries are being paid in time, pursues a system of rewards and bonuses, listens to the employees’ troubles and tries to remove them. ...
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Brilliance in the Basics of Leadership Introduction Before going into the niceties of what the brilliance in the basics of leadership means to me, I consider it important to explain to my reader what leadership actually is. Leadership is the dominance to motivate people by words, actions and deeds using vision, conviction and honesty (Northouse, 2009)…
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