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I have the pleasure to write this letter directed to the University administration, articulating my interest for further studies in MBA at this institution. The desire to improve my knowledge, acquired administrative skills and practical working experience compound my ability and dedication to successfully complete the course within the scheduled timeframe…


As a planning and strategic analyst, my commitment to the pursuit of success in MBA studies is unquestionable and driven by passion. I have solid and impeccable academic background beginning with the success that I achieved in High School and University undergraduate studies. I pursued and succeeded in Bsc. at undergraduate degree, Information systems at undergraduate minor, and Finance at undergraduate major. These courses increased my leadership abilities and assisted me during initial employment. It also increased my qualitative and quantitative analytical biasness when conducting all assigned duties at work as well as my conceptual orientation to strategically and tactically plan my work. It also increased my independence when articulating my duties and I have high hopes that once I complete a vigorous MBA training at your Institution, my skills will be greatly improved. ...
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