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Creative Writing
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My work shall be one of fiction. The main theme will be religion and the perks that come with being associated or affiliated to a certain religion especially when you are female.


I will portray Tamara as a sensible girl with average looks, with maybe one or two outstanding features besides the fact that is a traditionalist. Her unusual knack to be cool, calm and relaxed makes her the voice of reason to her parents and even her friends. Aside from her family Tamara has a social life which she builds up gradually from her high school and university life. Most significantly there is Agatha, whose previous life was ‘dark’ until the day she became a Christian, she is very religious but does not judge Tamara because of her religious believes. On the other hand there is Rajab. He is a young Muslim man living with his Brother Yusuf. They fight a lot because Rajab does not pay much attention to his religion unlike his brother. And they are both secretly attracted to Tamara. I think I will want to portray Rajab as a comic for two reasons. One is to break the whole intensity and monotony of having religion as a theme and secondly to widen contrast between him and his brother. Though based in Birmingham, I will do a number of researches on Ethiopia, to know their culture in terms of religious practices, their social life and cuisine. This is important because the main characters family is originally from Ethiopia. ...
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