The story of the lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives

The story of the lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives Essay example
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The story of the Lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives written became written by Eduardo Galeano. It remains an excellent story which a lot of the day to day examples could be derived.


The main character of the story remains to be Dulcidio. Dulcidio appetite to eat more food became what made him to marry many more wives. The character became more consumed by the idea of eating more when he married more wives. In the story, it reached a point when Dulcidio wanted marry a certain girl, but the girl did not want him. Dulcidio desire to get the girl then consumed him to the extent of him losing his appetite for food that he dearly liked. The essay below will hence give a literary analysis of the given story. In Helix, written by Yashimoto Banana, a writer born in 1964, in Tokyo. The story entails a drunken guy woken up in the morning with hangovers plus loud noise from his neighbors. On waking, the guy starts thinking of his girlfriend and how he knew her. In his mind, he gets flashbacks of the sad moments in their relationship. Her girlfriend then calls him, and they start debating on going to a healing center to have their memories wiped. Eventually, they end up deciding not to go and resent sticking to their old memories whether formal or informal. The story written by Eduardo Galeano remains both an allegory and a fable, one which paints women as preys and men as predators. Dulcidio in the book becomes referred to as the lizard, which often refers to mostly harmless lizards with the exception of the Komodo dragon, which feeds on chunks of meat from its quarry. ...
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