The story of the lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives by Eduardo Galeano - Essay Example

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The story of the lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives by Eduardo Galeano

The story written by Eduardo Galeano remains both an allegory and a fable, one which paints women as preys and men as predators. Dulcidio in the book becomes referred to as the lizard, which often refers to mostly harmless lizards with the exception of the Komodo dragon, which feeds on chunks of meat from its quarry. Hence the word lizard remains used in the story because of its reference to Dulcidio. The main character too becomes depicted as gluttonous as he eats endlessly from his wives. In addition, since Dulcidio came from a powerful family, he used that to lure women with his richness, but failed on the woman wearing glasses. In comparison, the story of Helix written by Banana depicts how a normal relationship looks like. A normal relationship often possess ups and down. The two, boy and girl were discussing on how to go to a healing clinic to have unpleasant memories of their relationships wiped out. First of all, both stories speak of gender relationships. In Helix, the boys often thinks of getting rid of the unpleasant things that had happened in their relationship, but after discussing with his girlfriend, both resolve the issue. The story hence depicts the power of man and woman to solve their problems in a relationship. In as much as a relationship exist, problems will always be there, and escape will not be a solution. The man in the story of helix thinks of going to the clinic where unpleasant memories were removed. When compared to the story by Eduardo Galeano, drifts in relationships become shown. ...
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In the paper “The story of the lizard who had the habit of dining on his wives by Eduardo Galeano” the author analyzes the short story by Eduardo Galeano. The author of the paper states that it remains an excellent story which a lot of the day to day examples could be derived…

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