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Writer’s Name Teacher’s Name Course Title Date TSA [Transportation and Security Administration] needs to focus on broader intelligence gathering, knowledge management, and enhanced coordination with international partners Annotated Bibliography Johnstone, R.


Before attacks, criminal activity and smugglers were the main aim to be stopped while after 5 years of attacks, the vulnerability of attacks became much smaller and improvements were observed. The paper also states that despite all the efforts, problems in the security system could still be detected. Malainen, K. (2011). Detecting danger. Science World, 68(1), 18-21. The author Malainen has discussed the science of scanners, passenger concerns, and the terrorism over time. According to the author, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is a government agency has introduced full body scanners in order to combat the rising terrorist fear in the world. It is mentioned in the paper that the scanners make use of X-rays as well as the millimeter waves and works by bouncing of the skin and producing images of any concealed item. As for the passengers’ concern, adverse health effects and invasion of personal privacy are two main issues that have been raised. McNeill, J. B. (2010), TSA has its security priorities in the wrong place. U.S. News & World Report, 1. The author McNeill has mentioned the use of full-body scanners in the airports and the way Department of Homeland Security is dealing with it. ...
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