Does the Internet make us smarter?

Does the Internet make us smarter? Essay example
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Name 29 March 2012 Assignment The 21st century is known as the technological era; the era that consists of digital media and technology, a world in which it is impossible for people to survive without disseminating text, sounds, images etc. The internet is one of the main inventions of this era and has become a rampant phenomenon across the world in the early 90s.


However, the various faces of the internet today are used by all kinds of people; both professionals as well as amateurs in every field. This has brought people to debate about the topic whether or not the internet actually makes an individual smarter, which has been further discussed within the scope of this paper. According to a news report, it was stated that ‘amid the silly videos and spam, the internet has been able to create a new reading and writing culture’, thus leading to making a person smarter. As per this report, the demerits of the internet have been highlighted in the form of the social networking websites as well as random videos that take up most of the time of a person browsing through the web. These appear as popups and distract a person from the work that he is actually supposed to do. For example, a student sitting down to finish a homework assignment would easily be distracted by websites like Facebook while trying to search for information for his work. This usually results in him spending three to four hours on the internet, wasting time looking at other people’s profiles and gallivanting across videos here and there. If this distraction was not present, it would have taken him an hour and not four of them to complete his work on an average basis. ...
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