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Name 29 February 2012 Assignment The photograph that I would like to talk about is a picture of me with my cousins at the beach; this picture was taken when we were all young children around the age of 7 or 8, and had gone to spend a week in California. It is a very bright photograph and has the four of us smiling and laughing at my mother who was the one clicking it from afar.


We can be seen holding colourful umbrellas, spades, buckets and even a soft toy. This helps to display the level of innocence that each one of us had at that time. The four girls in the picture seem to be telling a story about the love and affection that there was among the four of them back then, as compared to now due to leading different lives in different parts of the world. In the background of the photo, the sea can be seen as swirling and meandering; the waves are moderate in size and appear to be lazing around under the hot sun. There is a man selling ice creams in the far background, with children gathered all around him, waiting for their turn to lick the lollies. Clouds can be seen floating in the distance above the warmth that the sea seems to be emanating through the photograph. The smiles on the faces of the four young girls are approximately equal to the genuine happiness with which they have tried to build a sandcastle, which can be seen to the right of the photograph. A group of friends are playing with a Frisbee behind the girls, and there is a young man caught in action, jumping to catch the Frisbee while two young women are laughing and having a good time. ...
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