Commentary on the Cost of College

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Commentary on the Cost of College Quality education remains the best investment a person can make and funding higher education pays off in a huge way in the years to come. The global economy is becoming competitive by day and securing an opportunity for a well-paying career requires college education.


This paper is a commentary on the cost of college and the effects that make the cost rise ever so often. Parents find it a heavy financial burden educating their children and for students whose parents cannot pay find themselves staggering with education loans (Baum and Ma 13). Most colleges have surrendered their initial intention to prestigious students, raising their costs beyond control. This has moved the college degree further away for middle class families. This makes them slaves to enormous debt for the better part of their life. Cost of college involves the amount of money spent in acquiring a college education.  The cost involves all the expenses like tuition, fees, books, transportation and living expenses. Rising college cost is a byproduct of the economic forces that have seen the rise of living standards (Ehrenberg 7). The government’s failure to support education in higher institutions contributes significantly to rise in costs. Tuition fees in learning institutions have risen considerably and show no signs of changing. Cost of technology has had an impact on higher education setting, and it has become inevitable for colleges. Students have to be trained on new technologies, and technologies have to be installed and re-installed after constant emergence of new refinements. ...
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