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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Chapter 1 Introduction Thinking and constructive conversion of an individual thought give rise to creativity. This process of converting an intangible idea into a tangible product requires both passion and commitment implying that absence of the latter means no creativity at all.


The main difference is that innovation mostly involves improvement of an idea initially created by a different party while creativity involves one’s own idea. With respect to the current highly competitive and ever dynamic world creativity has become the greatest perquisite in solving the serious global macro economic problems in the four economic eras of agricultural, industrial, informational and innovational activities. Chapter 2 Description and Contextualization of the Event The event involved preparing our friends Mary's14th birthday scheduled for the coming weekend. We were six of us, me, 15 years of age, molly 14, Jane 14, Juliet 16, Meg 15, and Mary the birthday girl. Having initially prepared another friends birthday party two months ago and ended up to be a success, my friend Mary also requested me to prepare hers. The main idea here was to come up with an event, which will please all our friends and remain as long as forever in their minds. Most of Mary’s friends were her schoolmates and therefore, having the party at her home would not have been possible for her since her home was far away from school and so it would have been for most of her school friends to attend. ...
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