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Self and Counter representations of Native Americans: Stereotypical Images and New Images by Native Americans in Popular Media - Essay Example

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Self and Counter representations of Native Americans: Stereotypical Images and New Images by Native Americans in Popular Media

The language used by the authors to emphasise their argument is pejorative, generalised and quite aggressive. For example, when they write that “whites are represented in all the mainstream media as potent masters...they scorn the “dirty”, “nasty” Indians and otherize them as aliens and inferior beasts”, this is an extremely severe statement which is not backed up by any reference or source other than the opinion of the authors themselves. Using terms such as “aliens” and “beasts” is extremely pejorative and it seems that the authors are deliberately using such language to create a sympathy in the reader for Native Americans, and to persuade the audience of their argument. In addition, when offering examples of the misrepresentation of Native Americans in the media, they do not acknowledge any other more positive portrayals which must exist in some form even if obscure. The authors of this article have a strong point of view but they appear quite biased through their use of language and generalisation. Article 2: Media: Muslims in EU Cities In this article, the author argues that the media have both the capacity and responsibility to portray Muslims in a more positive and accurate light. He postulates that currently, Muslims are conveyed very negatively in the media, and that this portrayal has a very dramatic and negative impact upon this group as a whole, indeed, as it would have on any group. He also stresses that it is a social responsibility to represent cultural groups and societies effectively through the media so that the world at large can understand them more accurately, as it is this media portrayal that is often the only representation many will see of a particular group. The author makes his argument in quite a logical and fair way. Unlike article 1, he does not use such severe biased language and does not generalise. He also supports his arguments with statistics, research and references. For example, when he argues that Muslim groups are consistently portrayed in negative contexts, he supports this with numerous referenced examples such as “research in Sweden also found that the majority of television news reports between 1991 and 1995, in which Islam was mentioned, related to violent events”. He also negates a bias perspective as he includes mention of this problem already improving and being acknowledged across the world, “there are, however, indications that media coverage of Muslims and Islam is improving. Analysis of Dutch media reporting after the murder of Theo van Gogh suggests that in the weeks following the assassination the focus was more nuanced than the initial reaction, stressing socio-economic issues rather than questions of religious and cultural compatibility”. In this way, the author acknowledges both sides of the argument and supports his claims with well researched data which leads to a very effective argument overall. Article 3: Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism and Media Culture In this essay, the author argues for the importance of education in cultural studies in order to promote media literacy and criticism. He lists the advantages and fundamental premises of cultural studies as a way in which to analyse media effectively although he is clearly biased in doing so. He makes sweeping generalisations and his arguments are often not supported as much of ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course Code: Date Submitted: Article 1: Self and Counter Representations of Native Americans: Stereotypical Images of and New Images by Native Americans in Popular Media The authors appear to have a very strong point of view regarding the distortion of Native American images in popular media, which they assert has lead to a disruption in the formation of young Native American identity…
Author : lcole
Self and Counter representations of Native Americans: Stereotypical Images and New Images by Native Americans in Popular Media essay example
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