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Global Faces of Racism Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Global Faces of Racism Racism is a vice that the society has ignored by assuming that it does not exist. However, such ignorance has not provided the solution to the problem; in fact, this notion has fueled the spread of the norm; hence, racism currently presents a global challenge.


Indeed, racism is a belief that classifies humans into discrete “races” or groups (Berg & Wendt, 2011). As such, this paper surveys the topic of global racism extensively. Purpose of Racism Racism is commensurate to a plan, which may by utilized by individuals to effectively initiate their exploitative ideas. Disseminators of racism have numerous reasons for upholding the practice. Initially, the main purpose of racism was to validate economic exploitations. In 19th centuries, slaves, who were captives from inferior races, fueled the American industries (Berg & Wendt, 2011). Slavery provided discounted force to the industries; however, the practice was unethical. Therefore, the promoters of the norm established a scheme of concealing their ideologies within racial differences; thus, defending their malevolent deeds. It could then appear sensible to account that inferior races had an obligation of serving the “master” or superior race. Apparently, this idea establishes the root to racism. Importantly, oppressors claimed that, groups that sold their own, were responsible for their people’s suffering; hence, masters were less accountable (Reilly, Kaufman & Bodino, 2003). ...
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