Recommendation on Drug Test in Medix Production Plant

Recommendation on Drug Test in Medix Production Plant  Assignment example
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Medix Production Plant P. O. Box City 13 June 2012 Name of Reader Title Company Street Address City, State, Zip Dear Mr. or Mrs. Reader, Re: Recommendation on Drug Test in Medix Production Plant Introduction Drug policy in Medix Production Plant has provisions that prohibit the employees of the firm from taking drugs while on duty.


Background of the Problem Since the inception of the Medix Production Plant 17 years ago, the company has been promoting drug abuse free zone. The organization believes that drug administration breaches the ethics of the work. Largely, the organization should lead through example. Thus, the employees of the company have been subject to the drug free zone policy. The management of the organization has realized that some employees have contravened the drug use policy. This situation necessitated the research on the act. The activity brought both white collar and blue-collar employees on board, charged with the duty to answer to a question. The intention was to receive the employees view in response to the issues. At the same time, the organization has been treading carefully on this matter because it does not wish to taint its reputation. The organization recognizes the societal expectation and the values that which it should demonstrate. Balancing the demands of the employees and the reputation of the company has been a concern that the administration has sought to address. Conversely, the approach that the company anticipates to take is an inclusive approach to issue. ...
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