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Parenting Today Name: Instructor: Task: Date: PART 1 The influence that parents have on the behavior of their children is immense. Many households have both parents working to earn a living due to hard economic times. Some parents get psychologically involved with their work and still manage to be at home with their children.


These parents know the best way of disciplining their children. This is so because they can watch the activities of the children and thus know them better. Punishment methods such as time outs enable the children to reflect on their behavior. Disciplined children are more likely to do well in academics especially when their parents are available at home to assist them. In addition, their availability helps their children deal effectively with any stressful issue that they may have (Brooks, 2011). There is a variety of factors that influence spillover. Work-family spillover occurs when the activities that take place at work affect an individual at home. On the other side, family-work spillover occurs when activities at home affects an individual at work. Job satisfaction results in to positive spillover and thus an individual go to his family with energy and satisfaction (Brooks, 2011). The sections of the population who experience positive spillover are mostly individuals who are satisfied with their positions at work. In addition, parents who spend time with their children experience positive spillover. Many studies have indicated that families enhance positive spillover. The sections of the population that have families thus experience positive spillover. ...
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