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Essay example - Cultural Diversity Novel Study Assignment: The Kite Runner

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Prior to reading the novel, what were your general ideas and perceptions pertaining to the life and culture in Afghanistan? Describe briefly at least three perceptions that you held and believed pertaining to the way of life; values adhered to, the quality of life, etc…

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Moreover, I believed that they treated everyone with gentleness and politeness. Whenever I heard of Afghanistan, the first thing came into my mind is extremism and life with fear. I believed that there were only few people who live there, who can cope with Taliban’s and there rituals. A general perception about the people of Afghanistan was that they can either be the informers or who like to tie a bomb around there waist and commit suicide while killing hundreds of children, men and women. I pertained that people of Afghanistan ate mostly not that literate; I believed that they probably do not even know what the college is and a college look like. Another thing which I believed was that, people of Afghanistan are poor, as they do not have an established economy so they might live in tents or small houses with usually two bedrooms. I also perceived them to be so poor that they cannot even bear a piece of bread without labouring for the whole day. Describe briefly how you feel that reading the novel has challenged or changed your previous conceived beliefs in question #1. By studying the novel, it has been cleared that it is the nation of Pashtuns. The Pashtuns believe that they are the true Afghanis, “the pure Afghans” ( Page 22, Paraagraph 6, line 1 to 2) and other minorities like Hazara. ...
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