Covering the full semester of learning "Critical Thinking"

Covering the full semester of learning "Critical Thinking" Term Paper example
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Running Head: CRITICAL THINKING AND DEFINING LIFE 1 Critical Thinking and Defining Life Name Class Date Critical Thinking and Defining Life During the course of study in this class I have discovered that there are paths to success and that they can be traveled through ethical living that is supported by following ethical behavior and creating good habits towards effective living.


Life is understood through the perceptions people hold about how events take place, why they take place, and how much control they had over how they came to pass. Covey (2004) describes an event called a paradigm shift, which means that the way in which life is perceived shifts towards a new idea of how life can work. A paradigm shift happens when the way in which life is perceived is shifted to a new understanding. This initial concept created its own paradigm shift for me as I began to see how life could be approached in different ways from which I had originally believed. Through learning more about what Covey (2004) presented, I began to think that possibilities were broader and more available than what I originally perceived as my own limitations. Knowledge creates new ideas and transforms the way in which something is put into context with beliefs about the world. Learning, then, is the conduit through which knowledge can create meaningful change. One can say that multiple intelligences define how that learning is achieved and perceived. The understanding that intelligence comes in many forms supports the many levels of perception that exist (Gardner, 1983). ...
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