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Breeze of Change When I think of change, I think of my life. Change has been the most profound theme in my life. Ever since I was a child, I do not remember of a time I was fully settled. Whether I was at home, school or in my religious community, the urge to get moving or do something always made me to make plan after another.


I have face challenges, but they have changed be to be a better person. I see every day as an opportunity to make a positive change. The death of my maternal grandmother in 1980, while I was very young was a revelation. I realized how short life could be. Even at that tender age, I had many dreams of changing the world. I knew I had to start working towards achieving my dreams. I did not want to be caught up by death before realizing my full potential. I needed to travel the world and learn about other people. I always felt that the future was in the air. Everywhere I went, I would feel the future blowing in the wind of change. I had many things I wanted to change in my life and those of others. I hoped to see a world where people respected each other’s culture. I wanted a world where people appreciated and celebrated their diversity. Even up to today, I have always had the passion to learn other people culture, and I am glad I have partially done so. Because I believe this will enable me, understand and appreciate others. Early years were characterized by numerous trips to different countries. In every trip, I learnt something that changed my life. My trips outside United States helped me understand other people’s culture. I learned to accept other people’s point of views no matter how much they differed they were from my own. ...
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