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Terrorism [Author’s Name] [University] Terrorism A risk assessment is an essential measure of identifying mitigation steps and procedures. Terrorism is no exception to this rule. A conventional procedure of risk assessment encompasses the analysis of motives, capabilities, opportunities and targets.


Since its inception, the nuclear bomb has been one of the major threats hanging over the humanity. With the rapid escalation of terrorist movements, the threat of nuclear attacks is becoming even more probable. Despite the growing availability of nuclear materials, the risks of actual nuclear attacks are still minor, simply because nuclear terrorism is extremely difficult to accomplish (Ferguson & Potter, n.d.). The easiest are those acts which result in the least damaging consequences (Ferguson & Potter, n.d.). The problem with nuclear terrorism is not in the availability and accessibility of nuclear materials: in today’s globalized world, getting nuclear materials for a radioactive bomb is not difficult. The main problem is in that creating such a device requires sophisticated technical skills (Ferguson & Potter, n.d.). Building and launching an improvised nuclear device is much more difficult than creating and using a radiological dispersal device (Ferguson & Potter, n.d.). These difficulties, however, do not mean that the probability of nuclear terrorism is zero. As of today, nuclear bombs are the high end of plausibility of what terrorist groups could accomplish (Farber, 2010). ...
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