Social class in America.

Social class in America. Essay example
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In contemporary American society, there are three main classes; the first one is the upper class, which consists of the rich and wealthy who were born into wealth and inherited vast family fortunes from their forebears.


Today, anyone can join the upper class by making tons of money and they can rise from obscurity to being members of the upper class by virtue of their wealth and hard work. It is worth noting that in the past and even in some traditional societies today, one could not get entrance into the upper class unless they are of noble birth or born in a traditionally wealthy family even if one is not wealthy. In fact, in the old days the aristocrats who were often the ruling class considered it disgraceful to work and left all the working to the working class who were oppressed and often forced to squat in lands of the nobility.
However, this changed with time and today, moving from middle to upper class is easy if one was to achieve considerable wealth, which will result in a higher social standing. Notwithstanding, there are a few American families that are informally considered elevated because of their histories such as the Kennedys who have been often called the American royal family. However, even such informal recognition cannot be separated from the wealthy they own and at the end of the day; money counts more than a highbrow history. In line with the definition, the upper class are considered thus because of the way society views them and this make them feel superior owing to their financial power they wield. Immediately below the upper class there is the middle class, they consist of majority of the Americans working white-collar jobs who make up the bulk of the population. ...
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