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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Campaign Speech Hi! Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for inviting me here today. I am here to announce that I am running for Mayor of my hometown (Eugene Oregon) and it is an honor to be here as a part of this election.


I am the one who grew up and spent all of my life in this neighborhood. I went to the school not as famous and considered as one of the best institutions around town, like the one my opponent running for the mayor has attended. Instead, I attended local public school and then joined a state college to further my studies. It was a place where I learned my values from my two loving parents i.e. mother and father. This is a place where I learned that it’s not your name what matters but what you get done. This is the place that taught me that one usually gets more done if he is working with the people than fighting with them. Last but not the least, it also taught me that one should always be prepared to bring a real difference in people’s lives by taking on tough fights and challenges and that is what matters the most. I would like to announce that if I am elected as a mayor, I will seize this opportunity to address the challenges of this hometown. I will try my best to revamp the education system. Having worked with children, I personally feel that education system is the most important area to focus upon and to work hard for its improvement. I have also noticed that many of our school teachers are leaving and I believe it is because the high cost of living that is driving them away as they are not able to cope up with high living standards as compared to others. ...
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