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Christmas The view of the Christmas tends to evolve over time. From childhood’s innocence that allows kids to have a sense of awe from what seems like a magical change in the surroundings, all the way to how adults sometimes have a pessimistic view of the holiday, there is one thing that never changes for everyone though.


Sandman. For some lucky little ones, the grandfather image of the man in the red suit is fulfilled by the real grandfather in their lives. It is this fantasy like memory that sticks with some children until they grow up. The first Santa Claus memory of a child can be almost fantastic in appearance as their innocence shields them from the realization of who the person behind the red suit really is. Sometimes, Santa would break with tradition and actually come and visit the child at his house. A knock on the door would reveal jolly old St. Nick and his wife Mrs. Claus who normally come bearing gingersnaps and hot cocoa for the kids. The man in the red suit is often described by children as smelling of peppermint and gingersnaps. He can let them sit on his lap for a while he gives out beautiful and unforgettable Christmas gifts that they can open before the bigger gifts the next day. Kids who have spent time on Santa's lap describe him as soft by touch and warm to the feel. His gingersnaps and hot cocoa create a tasty combination that makes children crave for Christmas to come sooner every year. They always looke forward to the visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. ...
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