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Can the writer help me decide the topic?

The rise of organizations such as feminism undeniably accelerated social issue awareness, helped resolve social problems and influenced nations globally. Feminism is indeed a global problem. Some cultures may have less serious issues than other parts of the world however the awareness of the different cultures and circumstances that women go through around the world caught the eyes of human right movements to go global. As such, it could be said that social movements are indicators of a developing transitional society. Before the social movements, the problems of women have been local issues that the people involved tried to resolve locally. However, the problems seemed to have never been successfully resolved. With the rise of feminist organizations, the focus turned from local to global so that American-based feminist organizations fight for the rights of other cultures also. They raise the awareness of people around the world about the culture of nations such as the burying of women along with their dead husbands (Basu, 439) and the Taleban women’s oppression in the Muslim world (436). Perhaps the international pressure has become too much on the concerned people that the issues were given notice. ...
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Full name Professor Subject Date The Powerful Influences of Global Social Movements Social issues abound in almost all societies and the global awareness of such issues has brought people around the world to recognize similar problems that need to be resolved…
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