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Diversity Paper Abstract In present day context, governments can be identified to be witnessing huge cultural diversity issues which are mostly identified in terms of racial and ethnic differences. For instance, in the US, while delivering public services to the community members such kind of issues are mostly identified.


Moreover, the findings obtained also depict that people who belong to different cultural backgrounds often obtain unequal healthcare and educational facilities from the US based public services organizations. However, in order to mitigate these diversity issues, the US government has been focused on the adaptation of various necessary initiatives and the development of certain programs so that equity can be preserved when delivering public services to the minority groups within its community. Introduction Being a multicultural society, the US, since the establishment of democracy, has always been focused on satisfying the developmental community needs and preferences. In the US demography, the Under-Represented Minority (URM) group comprises Mexican Americans, Native Americans and African Americans in the US socio-economic environment. With a similar concern, every year, several private as well as public awareness programs are conducted by the US government concentrating upon these URM groups in order to promote higher degree of attentiveness regarding the resources which are available within the society. ...
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