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Name: Instructor name: Subject: Date of submission: Global warming: Human Causes and Solutions Global warming is allegedly having phenomenal effects on the planet. It is associated with extreme weather conditions which are primarily as a result of human activity.


The major effect of global warming is the increase in the carbon dioxide emissions leading to a hotter environment. The long-term effects of the increased carbon emissions include mass extinctions, famine, floods, hurricanes and drought. The film An Inconvenient Truth aims at educating the masses on the need to have environmental friendly investments and sources of energy. This includes developing new generation vehicles. This essay seeks to present an argument whose aim is to find out whether global warming is a swindle or an inconvenient truth. The essay intends to point out the cause of and solutions to global warming. Thesis Global warming has been attributed to human activities or natural phenomena such as changes in the sun. It is imperative to consider the actual cause of global warming and solutions based on the opposing arguments. Strong point for global warming According to Davis, in the movie An Inconvenient Truth, the melting of glaciers parks and ice shelves is bound to have a profound effect. Some of these ice shelves include Mount Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas, Glacier National Park, Italian Alps and Colombia Glacier. Research shows that some of these glaciers have melted halfway. As a result, many polar bears are drowning as a result of swimming longer distances in search of glaciers. These are facts that can be quantified statistically. Continued global warming is likely to result in increased devastation. ...
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