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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The American Dream 1The “American Dream” is perhaps the greatest factor that empowers every American and differentiates us from the rest of the world. Right from the time of our founding fathers, the American people have believed that each person has the freedom in life.


The core fabric of the American dream is the fact any individual is capable of attaining the level of success desirable depending on their ability and achievements. Essentially, the American dream envisions an environment where thrift and hard work are the defining factors of the success of an individual. The issues of race and background do not in any obstruct a person in their pursuit for a better and fulfilling life. In the modern times, the definition of the American Dream has significantly changed to reflect the changing times. Some people hold the belief that the American Dream means the pursuit of money. The ability to purchase a big house, own an expensive car and afford exotic holidays seems the motivation of a number of American citizens. Yet to some, the basic freedom to live in a society free from fear literally defines their American Dream. Both ways, the quest for material wealth and freedom still remain the central themes of the modern definition of the American Dream. According Adams (1931), the American dream is not merely a pursuit of cars and high wages, rather a dream of social order creating a society whereby every individual is able to attain the peak of achievement which they are created capable of. Further, each individual deserves the right to be recognized irrespective of their position or the unchangeable circumstances of birth. ...
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