Rhetorical Analysis paper on air pollution in China

Rhetorical Analysis paper on air pollution in China Essay example
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Rhetorical Analysis paper on air pollution in China The genre of the text is an argument, blog, or an opinion-based essay. King has not included many features; the article lacks visual effects. There is just one picture in the article that shows China Wall.


The purpose of the article is mentioned right in its topic at the outset i.e. how can the audience use the rising air pollution in China to make profit. This inherently draws the audiences’ attention toward the text that follows because of the unique opportunity of making profit that it suggests. King’s goal is to convince the audience that air pollution in China paves way for new opportunities of investment and profitability. King has adopted the style of a guide in the article for the audience. In this article, King has made a very structured approach to guide the audiences through his argument in that he has also proposed how to approach the topic; he has suggested what to think at a particular point while reading the article as “Hold that thought, while you consider another point” (King, 2013). Likewise, he says, “I'll discuss this in a moment. First, however, let's take a look at” (King, 2013). Not only does King suggest the audiences when to think what, but he also openly tells which point needs more thinking and which should just be ignored; “And don't chuckle at that idea” (King, 2013). ...
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