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Police Corruption Name University Police Corruption Introduction Police corruption is like a plague for police systems throughout the world, it has even been a part of the American policing system since the creation of the system. Due to existence of police corruption for so many years, it has been debated over and over again and is still under discussion.


As compared to yesterday years, police corruption might have decreased but it has never left the system or the people responsible to operate the system have failed to erase its mark. Corruption conducted by police men ends up disrupting the entire system, corruption leads to lack of fair dealing, it ends up offending other individual’s moral and ethical values, individuals indulged in corruption end up committing immoral behavior, the benchmark gets distorted and it even acts against the moral standards of others operating in the policing system. The cost of corruption is very high and this increases the liability on the shoulders of the individuals of the policing system. Police corruption leads to the end of a positive relationship between the officials and the public. Discussion According to Carter and Baker, misconduct conducted by policing officials is of four types, these include: corruption, misbehavior, work-related deviance and deviance. Police corruption is not only conducted by the top officials, it is even found in the roots of the system which includes the lower ranks of the department. ...
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