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Air Pollution in Beijing Name: Institution: Air pollution in the capital city of China, Beijing, has overtime become an ever increasing issue among environmentalist and residents in China. Regrettably, any hopes of resolving this national calamity seems like just a mere dream.


The monitoring stations observed that atmospheric particulates known as PM 2.5 are mostly responsible for air pollution in Beijing. The PM 2.5 can be described as small, invisible particles which affect and damage respiratory system (Louise Watt, 2013). Air pollution has turned out to be a major disaster in China due to the nation`s rapid pace of industrialization, explosive growth in car ownership, coal power, and disregard of environmental laws. Needless to say, this condition gets worse in winter because of heating activities. A study done in 2012 by environmental organization Greenpeace (2012) examining the health effects of air pollution projected that poor air quality causes deaths of nearly 8,600 people in the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Beijing. This has triggered environmental experts and Doctors to expose the fact that PM 2.5 is capable of penetrating in body tissues and cause serious health problem such as lung diseases and the inflammation of human alveoli. Additionally, it enters the human blood circulation and infects the cardiovascular system leading to a significant increase in mortalities due to celebrovascular, cardiovascular, cancer, and respiratory diseases. ...
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