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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Same Sex Marriage Same sex marriage is a type of marriage in which both of the participants belong to same gender identity. If both of the members are male, the couple in general is known as gay whereas in case of female couple, it is known as a lesbian couple (Olsen and Allene 78).


It is a social ordinal issue for what family life is being strongly affected through these transformations. The changing trends of family life are hazardous for long term family and social issue. The most emerging trend in most of the western countries is gay or lesbian marriage (Moats and David 32). The psychological disorder is basically reported behind the phenomenon. It is not natural hence it must not be permissible by law. However, the organizations supporting for human rights believe that everyone has the right to spend his or her life according to their own wishes and aspirations. There are many medical issues related with this case. It although is not taken as a good sign whether if it is permissible by law. The countries in which it is permissible are Brazil, Argentine, Spain, Sweden, Canada, South Africa and Mexico (West and Robin 45). The religious aspect of same sex marriage is divergent to the permission. Almost every religious teaching is against these sorts of marriages. It is backed by a complete campaign. The supporters are in support as a collective cohesion in the society. However it is psychologically, medically and socially ill proven phenomenon since long. The premiers of these marriages were not even aware of adverse consequences of this issue (Dryden and Caroline). ...
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