Discrimination Against Obese People In Their Workplace

Discrimination Against Obese People In Their Workplace Essay example
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Discrimination Against Obese People In Their Workplace Name Institution Thesis Statement Obese people have increasingly faced social stigma in various social places, which ranges from restaurants to workplaces. It is becoming a global concern on the many obstacles this group of people is facing in the society due to their condition.


It is in this regard that critical assessment of cause-effect relationship becomes quite significant. Introduction Obesity has become one of the most debatable health conditions that are currently overtaking the society. The increasing prevalence of this health issue is raising concern as it has a number of implications in the society (Ali, 2012). It is worth to note that from 19th century generation, this condition has consistently found its way into the society and is projected to affect the next generation more if not given critical preventative measures. The effect of the problem is not limited to an individual physical health but it seemingly attracts social problems like discrimination that tops this list. It is a global appeal that the obese should be embraced as part of the society and instead of discriminating them, they need moral support to find remedial measures against this condition. This form of social apartheid is experienced everywhere in the social framework with worst psychological instability found in work place. Work place is one of the social set up that brings people of different cultural backgrounds together. This makes it one of the complete replicas of the society which appreciates socio-cultural diversity. ...
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