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Organic Food Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Organic Food Is Safer Than Regular Food and Transgenic Food 4 Organic Food Tastes Better Than Regular Food 6 Fine Dining Restaurants Prefer Using Organic Food 7 Disadvantages of Transgenic Food 8 Counterargument about Transgenic Food 9 Conclusion 9 Works Cited 10 Introduction The various sources of food products have gained considerable attention from the consumers in the present days.


Nowadays, organic foods are gaining popularity amid common people with immense rapidity while transgenic foods are attracting questions in the minds of consumers. This increased demand of organic food is driven by awareness of customer about quality and safety of foods over their regular dietary choices (Vindigni, Janssen and Jager, “Organic food consumption A Multi-Theoretical Framework of Consumer Decision Making”). Thesis Statement The objective of the report is to gain better understanding about different aspects of organic foods and how it is different from transgenic foods and regular food items in terms of safety and taste. Besides, the report is also intended to highlight the disadvantages of organic foods and transgenic foods which can increase the concern among its consumers due to regular intake. Organic Food Is Safer Than Regular Food and Transgenic Food Usually, organic products are regarded to be those which are cultivated without the use of any kind of artificial elements, pesticides and genetically improved organisms. ...
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