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What You Want To Be When You Grow Up - Essay Example


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What You Want To Be When You Grow Up

The researcher states that personal and academic interests determine the nature of the person you become, and the goals you will pursue. One of the researcher’s greatest personal interests is reading. His love for reading has grown since his early years of school. This has made to be knowledgeable and informed in different areas. In addition, the researcher has the great interest in traveling. Travelling different areas of the world helps him to explore the world, and learn new things in the foreign places. With regard to academics, the researcher like doing auditing, and consider it his passion. The author also like the finance class that he takes, and because of this interest in finance, he plans to pursue a finance course after completing his accounting degree. One of the researcher’s greatest strengths in academics is the fact that he is good with numbers. The author has mathematical skills; therefore he is able to tackle various mathematical problems in accounting. On the other hand, the researcher’s greatest weakness in academics is the fact that he is not a native speaker. This, therefore, limits him in different ways, as the researcher has not grasped all the vocabularies. Additionally, among all majors, this issue affects him more in accounting. The researcher’s greatest personal strength is fast adapting and learning trait. He learns new concepts quite easily, and adapt to new environment easily as well. The author wants to become a better person each day.

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He aims at improving himself personally each day, to become better than who he was in the past. This includes both personal development and his relationships with other people. In his academics, the researcher has the goal of completing his studies and graduating from PSU successfully. Additionally, the researcher aims at ensuring that he gather important academic knowledge in his field of study so that the researcher can apply this in his career, and be successful and effective in his job. The author has never been employed before. However, last summer, the researcher undertook an internship in some accounting firm, and he is looking forward to working with the same firm this summer. This is important to the researcher, as the experience helps him to put his theoretical knowledge into practice. This is also a way, which the researcher considers prepares him for his future career. Nonetheless, the researcher’s academic, life, and personal experiences are complimentary, and they have contributed to his interest in accounting. In the field of Accounting, there are quite a number of jobs, which an accounting student might qualify for. One might become an auditor, underwriter, loan officer investigator, management accountant, or financial representative, among other positions. Among these, the researcher would like to become an auditor. This is because, he has the passion for auditing, and he is skilled at handling mathematical problems, which the researcher consider important in auditing. The researcher’s main career goal is to acquire enough expertise in his job in order to become more productive. The author will also aim for promotions and for the salary increase, through being productive and dedicated to his job.


The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in what he wants to be when he grows up. The researcher states that future greatly depends on the career choice. However, his career choice depends on a number of factors presented in the paper…
Author : kameron51
What You Want To Be When You Grow Up essay example
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akris added comment 1 day ago
Student rated this paper as
I’m doing my Ph.D., and the question is still relevant for me
vfunk added comment 2 days ago
Student rated this paper as
What kind of a person can assign such essay to an undergraduate student? I’ve written suchlike in 5th grade.
zhettinger added comment 3 days ago
Student rated this paper as
It looks like the author's mom wrote the essay
jaydelegros added comment 5 days ago
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God I’m 25 and still no clue what I want to be when I grow up
legrospansy added comment 11 days ago
Student rated this paper as
The title promised so much fun, but the author ends up with an accounting.
zhahn added comment 29 days ago
Student rated this paper as
This paper perfectly corresponds with all the requirements for essays of this kind. Sure, such topic concerns personal experience and the text differs from a student to student, but this is a nice example of answering a question like that.