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Fashion as Part of Youth Culture - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the idea of fashion as part of youth culture. It also illustrates what we call a trickle-down theory of fashion, where a look or style begins at the top of the society or in the hands of the visionary designers, who decide what would be worn by people. …

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Fashion as Part of Youth Culture

The essay "Fashion as Part of Youth Culture" analyses of clothing and fashion, classical ones in particular, have stressed consumption over production. Classical sociologists treated fashion as a concept of imitation which forms a basis of a trickle-down theory of fashion. When the highest class adopts a particular style, the class next to it, wanting to move up or even to appear to have already moved up, will proceed to adopt the new style which will continue a downward adoption through the classes until it reaches the lowest class economically able to afford it. As the fashion moves downward, its reproductions are usually made with less expensive materials and poorer workmanship. By the time the style has been consumed by the majority, it is no longer a sign of class status, and the highest class will have already begun the process over again by putting on a new fashion. Paper also provides a quick review on a movie "Devil wears Prada" where the editor of a powerful fashion magazine puts the concept of fashion in interesting terms while trying to point out the relevance of fashion even to those who claim to be the most unfashionable. This Paper shows a phenomenon of visionary designers, who decide what would be worn by people for the next season as the ultimate in up-to-the-minute trends. It also examines the relationship between the world of fashion and youth culture, and the way this has affected fashion theory and practice. Essay establishes working definitions for the terms “fashion” and “youth culture”. ...
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