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Popular American Culture

Other significant influences came from different parts of Europe. Countries from which large numbers of people immigrated these include Ireland, Germany, Poland, and Italy. American culture holds a significant pressure on the cultures of its neighbors in the World. The cultural divisions in United States depend on a number of factors such as social class, political orientation, ancestral traditions, sex and sexual orientation. Well every country’s culture plays an important part in the decision making of the people who live in that country or belong to that country. For example while I make any decisions the first aspect would be to keep in mind the benefits of my country and to respect the norms and believes of my culture, every other aspect would be secondary to that. The United States is a country that has evolved its culture by a mixture of several cultures hence the popular culture keeps changing. For example looking at the music industry of United States, for a long time pop music was very famous and continued to be a trend but right now Rap has taken its place. People prefer to listen to artists like Akon, Eminem and 50 cents on the other hand Rock music will always live, it’s like an evergreen trend. Hollywood has become a famous place not only in United States but also all over the world and the movies launched and made their have become a popular trend in the United States. Comics have also become a trend in the United States comics having super heroes have had a major impact on the people. ...
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The scheme of common beliefs, principles, traditions, attitudes, and artifacts that the members of a society use to survive in their world and with one another, and that are transferred from generation to generation through learning. The society of the US is also called as the Western culture. …
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