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Impact Youth Subcultural Lifestyles and Values - Essay Example

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The essay analyzes the impact of fashion and music on the subcultural lifestyles. The postmodern construct of popular culture had been observed to be steep in consumerism. Mostly value was placed on the images projected on the media rather than on substance or content…

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Impact Youth Subcultural Lifestyles and Values

The essay "Impact Youth Subcultural Lifestyles and Values" explores how fashion and music influence on the lifestyles and values. Both fashion and music suffered similar fate. Fashion seemed inclined to consider designer labels more important to wearability of the clothes. In music, post-modernism allowed the “collage, pastiche and quotation,” a hodgepodge way of creating music erasing the distinction between music genres. But superficial or not, music and fashion would definitely affect the cultural language and dynamics of contemporary youth. Mcrobbie (1994) wrote about the power and influence of music on fashion of youth but the result was contrary to what many would perceive as sexist. Shabba Ranks, a raggae / pop music crossover musician created a rage called Ragga girls (p.183). This created a sensation in the 1990’s when Ragga girls would be taken up not only by black girls but Asians and Caucasians. Along with the music was a distinct fashion sense that separated Ragga girls from the mainstream. The Ragga girls wore the hair “scraped back tightly into buns, wearing gold jewellery, trainers, leggings and fake-fur winter coats”. Examining the content of the song, many observed that the lyrics include sexist and homophobic contexts. The cultural interpretation of the Ragga girls, however did not conform to what was observed. Instead, an alternative value on the power of the female sex and pleasure emerged. The dance routines that go with the Shabba Ranks music was considered explicit. ...
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