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Peachtree Healthcare Paper Name Institution Peachtree Healthcare Peachtree HealthCare’s vision is quality assurance, consistency and progressive care across its network of care facilities. It aims to deliver these values at the greatest levels of efficiency and respect for its patients and staff.


Minimal time to implement the system is caused by increased instability of the system, which might affect quality of patient care (Glaser, 2001). The Peachtree HealthCare has two viable options to this challenge. This is either implementing the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) system or a Monolithic based system. The SOA system is flexible and its implementation takes place in stages in order to reduce the risk of failure. There is a potential deal to this system though new and unpredictable in the industry. The Monolithic system is a full unification of the entire healthcare facilities into a single entity with multiple branches through standardization of the whole business. Four major commentaries exist concerning these two systems. These are George C. Halvorson (CEO), Monte Ford (CIO), Randy Heffner (service-oriented architecture) and John A. Kaster, a professor of medicine(Glaser, 2001). Personal opinion My opinion on overcoming these challenges posed by the IT infrastructure is that a clear assessment of the situation and analysis of an optimal solution should be considered. ...
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