The influence and effect of business and the economy on design

The influence and effect of business and the economy on design Essay example
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For a very long time, concepts of design have been used to shape the way business is conducted and how the economies of individuals and corporate organizations are ran (Sundseth, Hines and Swinker, 2009).


As Holston (2011) notes, the reason for this life long trend is perhaps due to the unique qualities of design, wrapped in the common philosophy of creativity. For example through creativity, designers are able to bring into fore, a piece of art work that was otherwise nothing else than the imagination of the artist. In the same vein, entrepreneurs create business ideas and basing on contemporary principles of design such as complexity, collaboration and accountability (Christmann and Taylor, 2001) try to turn their plans into tangible corporate businesses. In modern era however, there continues to be an advocacy for designers to now be at the receptive end, trying to learn from businesses and the economy as a whole (Sundseth, Hines and Swinker, 2009). It is against this backdrop that the current essay is being written to critically analyze the influence and effect of business and economy on design as an academic and professional discipline. Thinking global, acting local For designers to become co-creators with clients and audiences as Holston (2011) posits, they must rightly identify the needs of consumers and produce according to client needs. In business, globalization is said to be a very useful and important catalyst for achieving growth and development. ...
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