compare and contrast an in-house Network design vs third party detwork design

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Compare and contrast an in-house Network design vs. third party network design Name: Institution: Introduction: There are two types of network designers often available for a client. Some companies prefer having in house departments mandate with the design and management of their networks while others prefer to solicit the services of third party designers most of who operate as consultancy firms.


The discussion below analyses the strengths and weaknesses of each method before concluding with an effective and more cost effective method for the company (Doyle, 2001). In house information technology departments in a company are often convenient. Depending on the amount of capital, the management allocates the department, the company rests assured of effective and spontaneous consultation services from the department. The department becomes an essential part of the company often positioned at the top management level thus aiding the management in making vital decisions concerning the information management. Additionally, the method promises continuous and effective to the company. Firstly, since the department is part of the organization the personnel in the department have adequate experience with the company and have absolute access to its every department. This implies that they offer faster services owing to the unlimited access of the organization unlike a third party that will often seek permission to access certain aspects of the organization thereby resulting in inefficiencies and communication flaws. ...
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