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Desktop Publishing for Business Introduction: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG commonly known as BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company. It was founded in 1916 and is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. After the defeat of Germany in the Second World War, BMW was not allowed to manufacture aircraft engines and so had to turn to restructuring its business to motorcycle production and subsequently car manufacturing.


The sub-headings to be included, the topics that require to be covered extensively and the ones to be glossed over, have all got to be taken into consideration. DTP offers a lot more flexibility for a person while creating printed materials but the new age student still needs to grasp the importance of learning how to utilise and understand basics of design principle elements like space , texture, value, balance so that he/she can create an effective design layout. Design Principles: What is a design? A design can be said to be “a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose” (Faimon & Weigand 2004: 13). A design is a creation of elements such as line, shape, colour, value and texture and is integrated with principles such as unity, variety, emphasis, balance and scale making it a design principle as a whole. Only when there is a proper integration of both design and principle, we can call it a successful design principle. The design principle can be said to be a form of communication through visual means. ...
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