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Urban Design Name: Institution: Modern city planning needs to consider the city as a social institution. Various sprawls are emerging in today’s cities a thing that Lewis Mumford the author of What is a City? Hitherto criticises in his book published for the first time in 1937.


The actors in this case, are city dwellers and the stage provides room for acting scripts that make up their lives. The life in urban places usually affect people and their lives as they undertake their daily chores. People’s lives comprising of actions, relationships among city dwellers, and other activities are essential physical structures in any setting deemed to be a city Lewis Mumford’s point of view coincides with Louis Wirth’s stand that the city influences entire relationships among people living within it as well as their development activities. The author also decries the failure by city dwellers to comprehend and embrace the functional social setups of the city. Mumford expands the point of projection that people view the city from and delves into the analysis of the same a social institution instead of the traditional physical fact perspective. According to him, the city is a wholesome sense in itself, is a topographical plexus, an institutional process, an economic organization, a platform for social action, and a hitherto artistic symbol of collective unity. Mumford moves away from the built environment while making analysis of a city. ...
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