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Data Center Design Name Institution Data center Introduction A data center refers to a fault resistant facility that is extremely secured and is used to house telecommunication equipment. The data center facility is designed to facilitate the accommodation of various telecommunication equipment.


Basically, a data center of any given company presents infrastructural and technical conditions virtually required by the company for efficient running of its day to day activities. A data center has to possess the abilities of securing the installed components and servers from unauthorized access and external dangers and also, the provision of the required infrastructure that facilitate smooth running of the given company’s IT systems. The physical constructed structure has to have the ability to protect the telecommunication components against fire, floods, hurricanes and any other natural disasters. For efficiency, a data center must possess the ability to execute all the installed applications and all types of servers. In any given data center, there are several types of servers. This include file servers, print servers, mail servers, web servers, directory servers, application servers among others. Designing a data center involves consideration of various factors. In its design, the data center should have flexibility. The flexibility of a given data base greatly determines the type of hardware selected in a given data center. The hardware used should be able to be upgraded in case the designed capacity runs out. Power availability and reliability should be considered. ...
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