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Name Course Instructor Date Rhetorical Analysis of “The limits of Intelligence,” by Douglas Fox In the article “The limits of Intelligence,” by Douglas Fox, which first appeared in the American Scientific on July of 2011, his primary contention is to discuss the claim that the human intelligence may have reached its expansion limit.


Notwithstanding, it is also accessible and comprehensible by the larger non-scientific community of individuals and researchers who wish to keep themselves up to date about matters of the brain’s evolution. The writer attempts to explain the diminishing capacity for the brain’s expansion by drawing from previous research by scientists as well as comparing the structure of the human brain with that of other animals. That way, he provides sufficient background for any reader to follow in his analysis of the human brain as he discusses its internal workings and the various scenarios that could play out in its evolution. Logic has been used extensively in this paper as it is has been written with heavy reference to empirical evidences, both from the writer's perspective and ex post facto research by others. The writer has also inculcated pathos and ethos in an attempt to get the audiences emotionally involved as well as legitimizes his work by comparing and citing research by reputable scientists. Briefly, the paper makes a claim that physically, the human brain may have or may be about to expend its capacity for evolutionary expansion, Fox argues that while the conventional assumption would be that the brain would keep growing larger, this may not be applicable to humans. ...
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