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"How Stuff Works"

Immediately after the manual manuscripts were faced off in 1929, the use of punch cards came into existence, and this led to the development of impact character printers like the dot matrix. However, due to the technological revolution, better shaped printer known as Xerox was invented by Chester Carlson in the year 1938. This invention created provisions to the development of the modern lesser printer that are otherwise considered as the latest sophisticated type of printers in the current market. By 1953, Remington Rand facilitated the development of a propounded dot-matrix type of printer, which was found to be more compatible with UNIVAC type of the computer system. However, this was seconded by IBM, who carried out modification to this development (How stuff works, 2013). Later by the year 1971, Xerox engineer Garry brought the use of paper copping technology, by introducing beams to the already existing printing technology. From that duration onwards, many printer designs were now in existence until 1977 when the first original 9700 PARC EARS was customized to allow for paper customization such as formats, sizes and page layouts. ...
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The History and Development of Printers Name: University: The history and development of printers Coming up with a print out of documents is always the ultimate thought of anybody who uses a computer system in creating a file. Though, it may look very simple by just connecting the cables, which interlinks a computer and the printer then igniting the powers source to come up with a fully produced document at hand…
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