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Fabric Research, Research a 'new' apparel or home textile - Essay Example


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Fabric Research, Research a 'new' apparel or home textile

This is an issue by itself since if it had a target group; it could have an appropriate price level, which it does not have. There are more issues but not related to targeting and positioning. It therefore clear that the typical buyer in this scenario is anyone who has the will of using the new home textile product without polluting the environment. The company belongs to a local investor known as Almasi Algar who also supplies the products to America, UK, Asia and many more from different continents. Still in the incubation period, the company can hold a minimum of 100 employees who are currently on site and sits on a 3-acre piece of land in the leafy suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Concept description The actual composition of the fabric is different types of leaves ranging from the soft to the hard leaves. Depending on the preferred texture, the leaves undergo the process of sorting; using high tech machinery and workers manually select shouting and clean colors. They are soaked for some time under strict and disciplined scrutiny and later mixed to make a garment. Dedicated employees among the 100 mentioned earlier and printed depending on fashion trends then finish the garment. The benefits of this fabric in subject are many having in mind that everybody is trying as much as possible to say goodbye to the disastrous global warming. It is eco-friendly and recyclable and very comfortable to wear. The fabric can make it during dry and wet weather and can keep warm and as well serve as a summer

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....................................................4 2 Research Objectives.......................................4 3 Terms of Reference.........................................5 4 Approach..........................................................6 5 Issues for Inclusion in the Research.
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cloth. The fabric sells in the global market because of its features. The features extend to being warm, cool to wear and long lasting if taken care of. The most amazing thing about this fabric is that the end uses are many making the company more popular while still in the incubation stage. The end uses include making hurts, shoe inner souls, earrings, house mats and doormats, curtains, teller shirts and pants. These are just the products released in the market so maybe when out of the incubation stage there will be more. There will be something done in each step of customers process of buying for the purposes of making it easier and faster for them to make purchases. Rio de Janeiro textiles have many issues when it comes to target consumers and positioning. The target consumer is not stable in terms of when they have money and when they do not have. Many of them depend on their parents to get money meaning the product affects both the parents and the children. When selling the fabric, fashion is the first thing that comes into the minds of many people. The most difficult thing is determining a target group because the company has to design its products according to the consumer. However, Rio de Janeiro textiles design its fabric in different colors to suit the young generation where girls want bright colors and boy’s dull colors. Mostly the company uses billboards to advertise these products using individuals of certain target group. These billboards mean to influence the peer to try to look the same. Young people for example easily get influence from friends maybe in school and social places. Peer pressure has influenced many people to buy what they did not intend to buy. If these people come from rich backgrounds, there are people they want to identify with and mostly in the music industry. Retail Outlets and estimated retail price The company is


Name Professor Course Date Rio de Janeiro home textiles There is a new upcoming home textile development in rio de janeiro city called Rio De Janeiro textiles. This company collects plastic bags and any form of waste and recycles it to clothes, which are mostly to be won at least once and not more than twice…
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Fabric Research, Research a new apparel or home textile essay example
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