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Refrigerator, how does it work - Research Paper Example

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Refrigerator, how does it work

This paper keenly discusses how refrigerator works as well as its history and associated design processes. Before the invention of the modern refrigerator, individuals used ice or snow to cool their food. One of the most known pioneers of the modern refrigerator was William Cullen. In 1748, Cullen invented the first refrigeration at the Glasgow University. Similarly, Oliver Evans, a renowned American inventor also contributed in the development of the refrigeration by inventing the vapor-compression refrigeration that was mostly used in 1805. The aim of this machine was to remove heat from substances by the process of recycling vaporized refrigerant. Another contributor in the early development of refrigerator was Jacob Evans. Through the use of vapor-compression, Evans invented the first refrigerator after making various improvements on Oliver designs. As the demand for the refrigeration increased, various scientists and doctors introduced other aspects that were focused at improving the refrigeration process. In 1913, Fred Wolf, introduced the refrigerators that were used in homes. This was followed by the introduction of a refrigeration unit in 1914 by Nathaniel, a well known engineer who was based in Michigan. In 1927, a refrigerator by the name Monitor-Top was introduced. Based on its improved design and effectiveness in storing food, Monitor-Top attracted high demand especially in US market. The technical improvements that occurred in refrigeration after the World War II led to the development of more efficient refrigerators in 1960s and 1970s. As the technology improves, modern refrigerators that stores food for a longer time have been introduced in the market. Another definition of refrigeration is cooling an item to a particular temperature that is usually lower that the room temperature where the refrigerator is situated. Apart from making the stored items cooler, refrigerator helps in halting the process of decaying that may take process due to chemical process (Balmer, 2011). In the modern societies, refrigerators are used in various ways. One of the most significant uses of refrigerators is storage. As mentioned earlier, before the invention of refrigeration food was stored under water. Even though this was effective method of storage, the lifespan of the food was not for a long time. After the invention of the refrigerator, it was possible to lower the temperatures such that food could be stored for a longer time. Another use of refrigerator is to think ahead. For example, in the modern times cooks and manufacturers can prepare food and store for later consumption. In the early times, food storage was a notable problem. Family meals can now be prepared when the prices of raw materials are low thus reducing the costs of preparing the food. Refrigerators are also used in transportation. Before the introduction of refrigerators, it was difficult to transport perishable products from one location to another. It was after the introduction of the refrigerators that food could be stored in a cool place during the transit. Improved quality is another merit that was experienced after the invention of refrigerators. It is imperative to note that before the introduction of the refrigerators, quality food was produced only during specific times of the year for example when the temperatures were low. In ...Show more


Running head: REFRIGERATOR, HOW IT WORK 31st October 2013 Introduction One of the best technologies that human being has invented for food storage is the refrigerator. As the demand for food increase in the cotemporary world due to the increase in population, most countries have advocated for storage of food to avoid wastage…
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Refrigerator, how does it work essay example
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