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Proposal to Research and Develop Lubricator for Gas Generators Faisal Abdullah Indiana State University Author’s Note I would like to thank [ Professor Name ] for providing unwavering support and cooperation during various stages of this project. Furthermore, I would like to thank [ Course Professor Name ] for providing me a framework to accomplish this research using a structured approach.


Internal combustion engines have also been designed to operate on natural gas since it is cheaper than crude oil derivatives. Although natural gas engines provide for cheaper operating costs, there is a constant need for maintenance on the valve assemblies. The relatively earlier failure of valves, especially exhaust valves, leads to increased maintenance costs as well as lowered machine reliability and availability. This is truer still for smaller gas engines that are employed in domestic backup power applications. This research employs a lubricator in order to improve the lubricity of natural gas so as to improve valve life and hence engine availability and reliability. Keywords: natural gas engine, lubricity, valve failure, exhaust valve, head assembly Table of Contents Statement of the Problem 11 Rationale 11 Assumptions 12 Limitations 12 Nomenclature 13 Terms. 13 Abbreviations. 13 Intellectual Property Issues 14 Patent. 14 Copyright. 14 Fair use. 14 Budget Overview 14 Analysis 16 Problem Analysis 16 Existing scenario. 16 Ideal scenario. 16 Gap analysis. 16 Performance Criteria 16 Focusing of the Task Objective 17 Limitations and delimitations of the project. 17 Governing propositions. 17 Assumptions. 17 Statement of the R&D objective. ...
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