User Centred Design: A major trend in the IT industry

User Centred Design: A major trend in the IT industry Essay example
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User Centered Design: A Major Trend in the Software Industry
User centered software design is a key trend in the software industry which focuses on the development of such interfaces of software applications which users can easily understand and work with.


User centered designs are gaining increased popularity with every passing day (Duechting, Zimmermann & Nebe n.d.). Analysis, design, and evaluation are the three key phases of user centered design process (Henry n.d.).
Good vs. Bad Design
A good design is one that is accepted by the customers based on its user friendliness and easy functionality. On the other hand, a bad design is one that makes customers uncomfortable with the use of the product. A good design results in increasing the customer satisfaction level and eventually the customer base, whereas a bad design significantly reduces the number of customers for the company. Some examples of good design include use of normal font, no error messages, correct alignment, and use of easy language. On the other hand, some examples of bad design include more error messages, more dumbness, incorrect use of colors and fonts, and inappropriate alignment of buttons. Let us discuss some of the main benefits that make user centered deigns a key trend in the software industry.
Some of the main features that make user centered design a need of today for software developers include reduced development time, usage savings for customers, reduced costs for companies, increased number of customers, and higher return on investment (Serco 2001). Let us discuss all of these benefits in some detail. ...
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