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The Report Of Created App Name Course title Instructor’s name University There are several quintessential questions faced by the tourism industry based on the growing technological need of the customers. The role of technology cannot be ignored in the tourism and travel industry.


Statistics shows that the use of technology among travelers is very high and therefore the tourism industry is making efforts to stay in touch with its clients through technology (Tourism in a World of Technology, 2011). The tourism industry can be defined as an attraction sector as it runs on the manmade and the natural creation that are the center of attraction. People from all over the world pay their visits to such modern or ancient destinations. One of the major jobs of the tourism industry is to market such manmade or natural places so that they attract the attention of people around the globe. Attractive and unique places succeed in capturing the interest of large number of tourists (Tarlow, 2011). Time is an important constraint for tourists as usually they have limited time in which lots of things need to be done. They need to work on questions like what is to be done and how it is needed to be done. Another problem faced by them is to find places. This indeed is another time consuming activity and it acquires a lot of time of the trip. The tourism packages being offered are for a limited period and therefore wasting time in finding places can be a problem for the tourists (5 key issues facing travel and tourism, 2012). The people enjoying their holidays constantly want to share their picture and videos with their family and friends. ...
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