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Use of Composites in Aviation

Use of Composites in Aviation

The use of composites then has increased both in the military, where the objective is to increase payload and flight performance survivability, and in commercial aircraft looking aiming to reduce operation costs. With composites, technology is advancing day by day and competition gaining more ground, it is important to explore the use of composites in the aircraft especially to understand the challenges in the aspect and reflect on its future. This paper looks at how the use of composites has shaped the aviation industry in the past, what improvements being made at present as well as the future of composites in the aerospace industry. The past use of composites materials The evolution of composites materials in aircraft has been driven by economics, logistics, and expectation of the society (Smith 4). This is facilitated by development in materials, design tools, and processing methods. The primary drive for composite materials in the aerospace industry has been reduction in fuel consumption. The reduction of fuel consumption is both related to the economy where airlines look for a solution driven by increase in fuel prices and maintaining a competitive edge in the market as well as a reduction of pollutant emission. King, Inderwildi and Carey links the use joining the EU emission trading scheme put pressure on the industry to reduce environmental impact. ...
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The increase of competition rise in fuel costs and environmental lobbying form 1970s onwards has infringed pressure on commercial flying to improve performance. To this end, weight reduction has been the main area of focus. …
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